Who’s Cina


Tadaaa! That’s me. 30something years old photographer and vintage enthusiast.

I started photography at early age since my dad was a professional landscape and architecture photographer. As a young girl my vacations with him led us to good old Paris and New York. This might sound fancy but the reality looked like this: we sat hours after hours in Jersey,me with a box of expired rolls of films, a piece of paper and him sharing his wisdom. He forced me to document every blending mode, the exact time of the day and exposure setting I used. Constantly reminding me: NOBODY IS ALLOWED TO CLAIM HIMSELF TO BE A PHOTOGRAPHER UNTIL HE MASTERS THE SETTING AT ANY LIGHTING, ANY TIME OF THE DAY,…

yadda yadda yadda…

so I spend my summer vacay dragging myself and a shitload of equipment up and down Manhattan. Naturally it wasn’t at all what I imagined it to be. But I learned how to build a camera Obscura, how to develop the film on all kinds of papers, learned my lesson and developed a profound respect for the art of photography.

Little did we know how photography would develop into a digital world where we produce and consume so fast, that it’s almost impossible to figure out: „what is art?“ Or is it just easy to look at.

Even tho I studied graphic arts and media design, I turned my back on photography for far to long. I rediscovered my love for it shortly after I gave birth to my precious son.

After trying out different genres, failing, trying to develop a unique style, desperate on the search of myself in pictures of other people…I realized…well, maybe I am not a Newton…what if I am not a high end fashion photographer…dammit, even wedding photography gives me a hard time at times… maybe, at the end of the day, I am a girl that likes pretty stuff.

Every time I was completely free in descition, the pictures turned out in vintage look with popping colors and a touch of nostalgia. And I loved it. I love the planning of it, collecting accessories, wigs and fabrics. I love the make up and setting and the message of the pictures that say: look at me! I am a beautiful, strong lady and my eyeliner is so sharp, it will cut you.

So, no, I won’t be stepping into my dad’s shoes and make timeless art. Or maybe…who knows…