Vanilla dreams

With eastern just around the corner and snow infront of my door,I´ll bring back warmth and soft beams of light. Yeah, I said it, I AM BRINGING SUN BACK. Talking about the soft, gentle, soothing and soul warming kind of sun.

How´s that? I am planing my spring and summer shootings and surround my self with colorful pictures, fabrics and music (Beatles: Here comes the sun, on the replay pretty please)

Since your eyes might have become a little bit sensitive throughout the past BAZILLION MONTHS of grey and dark, we are starting slowly with this vanilla strawberry dream.

Enjoy, listen to music, eat some fruits and soak it it. because spring and summer time are coming and boy, oh boy,…it will be colorful and hot.

Yours, Cina

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  1. Michela Sacco sagt:


    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. C sagt:

      Danke meine liebe ❤


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