Girls will be girls

2017. And never have women been more confused about themselves then they are now. We have to be equal, fierce and powerful. We are either too fat, too skinny or simply not lean fit enough. We are too young, too old or too desparate to have kids. We study years in university, just to justify afterwards why we are late with getting married, late with having kids..,always late, always not good enough, never perfect. Sometimes I myself, as a photographer get asked: why do you support this old school picture of a woman? You as a business woman, shouldn’t you portray woman in a way that enstrengthens her in a feminist way? Oh well, I will put it in simple words, without making this a big article(I’ll try):

I like pretty things. I do pretty things. I don’t aspire to be political, nor do I aim to make an impact thru pictures that transport statements. If anthing: the statement of my pictures should be: look at the beauty of human beeings.

For far too long I tortured myself with false goals. On the hunt of likes and feedback. Scratch that. Why is a woman that is portrayed in a sensual look, with delicate poses, with makeup and a seductive smile less feminist then a woman in a smartsuit(oh I love smartsuits too btw).

But really, since when do we have to make ourselves manly to be equal. To me feminism is THE FREEDOM to do whatever the fuck I want to do. If that means that I want to live in a traditional way, stay at home mom, then let me be. If that means that I want to be a business woman, fighting for my position, by all means, let me be.

There is just one thing I don’t get. Why oh why, is it apparently not ok, to dress decently female’ish. To me, the 1950 were the years that perfectly capurted the womans bodyframe. Every now and then, when I have shootings outdoor with models, we get asked why they are dressed up, quickly followed by a compliment, how beautiful they look. Dressed up??? Damn, is it really that unusual that a girl rocks a nice dress, wears winged eyeliner, lipstick and a hat or fascinator? highheels?…we seen girls barely dressed on a daily basis but for whatever reason it’s just cheap(there goes that labeling again).

My customers are having a blast going through my wardrobe and picking looks they usually would not wear. And then something beautiful happens. They transform to something else. It’s like watching a flower to blossom. Strong ladies that show their beautiful beautiful female features in the most female’ish ways.

Always classy. Always fierce. Always strong. Always independent. Always equal. Always a woman. A bosslady from head to toe.

So I guess, my mission is to bring back the pretty stuff. Simple like that.

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