Voiletta Poison


Ahoy and welcome on board with the ever so lovely VIOLETTA POISON. Another Burlesque starlett and Stuttgart resident. This mexican wildfire joined last years shooting and I do hope to work with her again this summer. She is also hosting an event that tours throughout Germany every year. Last year she invited me to have a exhibition at her  frequently sold out show „DIA DE LOS MUERTOS“. Since the collabo worked out so good I am very happy to annouce that this year I will be contributing some of my artwork again, not only for the DDLM, but also for another upcomming event. But shhhhhhh… I won’t be telling to much for now  🙂 You will have to stay tuned for further information. Feel free to follow me on insta >>> cina_roca, or on facebook (Cina Uicker Photography) to stay posted. AY!

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