Black Marilyn


Last night I was supposed to go to a lovely burlesque event that happens once a month in Stuttgart. It’s located in a former stripclub and hosted by an amazing beautiful lady that books out the lovliest artists from all over europe. I am always looking forward to this event since it is a sureshot for a good time.

Well, …last night I also had a creative episode of experimenting and diving deep into the photoshop universe… and a lesson I learned from the infamous mastermind Lin-Manuel Miranda:

You never know when inspiration hits you, but when it does: WORK FIRST, PARTY LAST!

So there I was. Ready to get down with my new petticoat in flamingo’ish pink, my hair curled up(of course it was one of those days that YOU LOOK FABULOUS and nobody will witness it, duh), make up on point. I EVEN FIT IN MY HIGHHEELS…(lost 18 pounds woop woop)…yet I stayed at home…put my music on blast…and worked my way thru the pictures, one at a time, and learned. And created. Made plans for future shootings.

Another saturday: check!

Another picture:    check!

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